Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Goodbye, Rove: A White Elephant Bites the Dust

Bridgethought of the Day: You can't go forward in reverse. You might just turn to a pillar of salt.

They say an elephant never forgets. They didn't say you can't forget him. Yet there's a moment of sadness, oddly enough, as if some great sea monster just beached himself. Watching him lifeless on the sand, no more the terror of the waves, no more devouring innocent seal calves, no more children scattering at the sight ... just an old, overweight man with glasses. It's oddly touching. Suddenly, he's a human, tears well up, his voice breaks, and the power wafts out like a deflating mattress.

Is this only a small victory or the culmination of a long campaign to wrest power from the autocrats? Or is it another sign of Cheney-Bush failure, of the Republicans' last gasp, of the self-demise of the neocons? Rove is not alone.

The whole political infrastructure of what has become the conservative movement has crossed its own wires or messed up their sonar receptors. They just don't get what's on the airwaves anymore.

People wanted less government intrusion, more freedom. They got a police/prison/security state, complete with Big Brother watching, and hemorrhaging wars ... and more taxes, less service.

People wanted more free enterprise. They got stifling giant corporate takeovers and mergers.

People wanted fair elections, fair news coverage, more participation. They got rigged elections, a media propaganda machine that avoids real news, and blocked participation.

They wanted to stop crime. They got more prisoners, more criminals, more prisons, and more crime.

They wanted more free speech. They got mindless word wars and endless smear, sneer, & snivel.

They wanted bridges, and they got walls. Walls and wars ad infinitum.

We've been waiting so long for this requiem, to see that elephant finally bite the dust.

Rove-think is dead. Long live the doves.

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