Friday, May 30, 2008

Israel Uses Gunfire Against Gaza Protesters

Talk about Israel's "democratic ideals" and "peaceful neighborliness" - those quotes are presumed, not real - and here you've got it! Or check this NYT article.
Israeli troops used gunfire and teargas on Friday to keep more than 3,000 Hamas
supporters from approaching one of the Gaza Strip's main border crossings with
Israel, wounding at least six Palestinians,
witnesses said.
At least two of the wounded were in a critical condition,
Palestinian medical workers said.

Freedom of speech under the gun. I guess the right to protest, to express oneself, to speak one's mind, is VERBOTEN under an OCCUPATION. Wonder why they "resort" to violence? Since when did peaceful means work with Israel???? WHen????

Remember this in Iraq. Israel, the occupier, uses guns because in their minds, Palestinians are not people, they're terrorists! Nothing like a label to destroy human relations. Nothing like guns to destroy peace. It's all about "preemptive strikes", that right-wing catchall for paranoid nationalism. Gee, did anybody ever hear that Nazi Germany was into the same thing? Maybe you should mend some fences with the extreme right, Israel. You have so much in common.
Separately, Palestinian medical workers said a 65-year-old woman died on
Friday from wounds suffered a day earlier.
The Palestinians said the woman was hit during an Israeli army raid near her home in the southern Gaza Strip.

Ahhh, another day, another raid, another dead body, another reason to keep killing each other.

And America is doing the same in Iraq, only more heavy-handedly, unbeknownst to the press. Notwithstanding the dancing GI's with Iraqis celebrating their battle victory over an al-Qaeda "cell". Lots of people in Iraq say they are much worse off now, and democracy is far more difficult to achieve. When will the Republicans ever learn freedom is not by force?

Probably when the Israelis learn civility and peace is not by force, either. You don't get good neighbors by starving their children and bulldozing their homes. Duhhhhh....

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