Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Video of Omar Khadr Interrogation

This is my first uploaded video clip! And it's a blockbuster. According to the Guardian:

At the time the video was produced, February 2003, Khadr was 16. He had been subjected to what guards called the "frequent flyer" programme, in which detainees are deprived of sleep.
In Khadr's case, he was prevented from sleeping for more than three hours at a time for 21 days.
In the footage broadcast yesterday, Khadr's despair at his indefinite confinement is palpable. He strips his orange prison uniform over his head, rocks and holds his face in his hands, weeping and begging for help. "You don't care about me," he tells interrogators.
Commentators described his indistinct moans as Khadr saying: "help me", "kill me", or even calling for his mother in Arabic.
The video, which the Canadian government handed over to Khadr's lawyers on the orders of Canada's supreme court, was the first sight of some seven hours of footage of his interrogation by Canadian agents. The images were recorded by a camera hidden in an air shaft as Khadr was questioned over four days.

Of course, many right-wingers will look for "clues" to "lack of abuse." Followed by doubletalk. But see for yourself.

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