Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Conceived in Liberty: Egypt vs. The Tyrant

The end of acquiescence is the beginning of freedom.

Today, Egyptians demonstrated - from 20,000 to 100,000 strong - in Cairo, Tanta, Alexandria, Asiut - against Hosny Mubarak, the draconian Oppressor of the Egyptian people - who are not "his" people since he considers them his enemies (!). The force of sheer human will towards freedom has been unleashed in Egypt.

And met with Mubarak's domestic "policy": a wall of brute, black-helmeted, robotic, ironclad police who arrived in armored caravans and pressed, with US-trained professional brutality, against the life-force of youth, of their own country, their own youth rebelling to finally, after generations of complacency and soul-killing, despairing acquiescence, stand and march as human beings for the right to breathe, to walk freely in their own streets, to speak freely in their own nation on their own ground, to not be tortured or killed or imprisoned or see family members disappear - for simply speaking, thinking, or walking in a group of three.

There is no faith or motive in despair. but once despair is removed, what power can be unleashed! Fear is irrelevant in challenging such abominable tyranny as Mubarak's criminal regime. Partisanship dissolves. Even religious differences collapse. All Egyptians own their country and they will wrest it forcibly, by the force of thousands growing quickly to millions, from the tyrant and his cronies. All Egyptians are Hosny's victims. Look at those riot police. They are his victims, too. They are often forced by need, by poverty into protecting the very regime that imprisons them and their families, their own nation, in a hopeless, pointless, world without freedom.

Yes, the police. Look at what they must do to themselves to turn against their own sons and daughters in the streets. They must kill their own conscience, lie and cover up for what they know is true. But they cannot be freed from these shackles until the movement gains more power, momentum, and sheer numbers.

The defiance and brashness of protestors is life, invigorating and despair-crushing, death-defying, liberating. But this force needs thousands and the thousands need millions. It needs to grow to overwhelming numbers to create inevitability. The demonstrators must know, not merely hope, believe, but know that their cause - the complete and permanent ouster and overthrow of Mubarak, his family and his cronies is inevitable, will happen, as a consequence of this force of human will on its determined, shared, cooperating trajectory toward freedom. But to make this happen NOW, that is, SOON, requires non-stop, unrelenting action!

Action day after day, week after week, whatever it takes as long as it takes, unrelenting, never giving up, no matter if it takes lives, deaths. The police WILL lose their stomach when it comes to mass murder. Remember, they have families, They are Egyptians. They have very weak and trembling excuses for being on the side of oppression and very powerful urges to break free just as the youth in the street do. But they need to feel the inevitability, the necessity, the massive power of great numbers of fellow countrymen, to lay down their arms and join the force of their own people.

Mubarak's only self-defense will be a call for "security" and "stability". This has been his sole measly, transparently empty excuse for imposing martial law over 3 decades and counting. How worthless is this excuse? How valuable is being a human being with free will? What life can be secured when life without freedom has no taste of life, when faith under oppression cannot be faith, when love under tyranny cannot grow, when under the banner of security and stability the reason to live and to even exist is crushed??

All Egyptians must put pressure on that very security and stability. Make Egypt insecure. Destabilize the streets. Close the shops. Refuse to show up for normalcy. Don't participate in normal daily life (if that's what it even was). Make the streets a place not of commerce and entertainment, not of peace and quiet, not of normal traffic, but a place of revolution. Make the streets the birthplace of liberty. Force liberty out of the streets and the tyrant out of his power-vault.

Make the streets a place where nothing is what it was before. Shops do not sell. Shelters do not shelter. Pedestrians do not mill aimlessly. Everyone is out in the streets in their unarmed bare clothing, more people than can possibly ever be arrested, all marching in one direction, one force, calling in one voice and many voices for the ouster of the tyrant.

Make the streets for Mubarak what Mubarak made them for the people: a place controlled by force. But this time, the force of all Egyptians, young and old, men and women, employed and unemployed, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, Muslims and Christians, impoverished and people of means, all moving in one direction calling for the demise of the tyrant Mubarak.

When the police can no longer control the crowds, when the media no longer can suppress the news, when the tyrant no longer can sleep in his vault, when the army no longer can pretend they despise freedom, when the police find their own families and neighborhoods marching in the force towards long-desired liberty, who - I say, who? - imagines that any outcome is more inevitable than what God has ordained and promised - complete and irreversible victory over tyranny and the demise of the tyrant Mubarak???!!!

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