Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gaddafi Falls! Seif Arrested!

Last night's push from Libyan rebel forces into Tripoli has met with rousing success and almost no pro-Gaddafi resistance. Seif al-Islam, Gaddafi's notorious son, was arrested, the brigades guarding Gaddafi himself surrendered to the rebels, Gaddafi himself is in direct talks with the head of the NTC, Mustafa Abdul-Jaleel, and the Libyan people are streaming into the streets of Tripoli in celebration. Pro-Gaddafi forces' uniforms are being thrown and trampled in the streets, and the Libyan rebel flag is flying everywhere. Victory for the brave Libyan rebel fighters and victory for freedom and democracy! And huge thanks and victory for NATO in this, their finest hour, and to all the brave supporters of Libya's freedom from the brutal dictator Gaddafi!

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