Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Solution to Iraq: US out, Bring in the Brazilians

Let's face it. The U.S. can't shoot straight. If there's a job to do, like say, freedom-fightin', we bungle it. We've got the most expensive, technically advanced superpower military on the rock, and we're sinking fast in a little simple quicksand put out by backwater "insurgents" armed with 3rd rate outdated, even handmade weapons (IED's)... And the sinkhole keeps on pullin'. And Iraq keeps on degenerating. Democracy? Get out of my face...

Where's the solution? Ask U.S. pundits, and you hear "there's no solution...we need 50 years..." Ask Iraqis & you hear "Let's get out before we all die..." Ask Brazilian soccer coaches, & you get "Iraqis are great team players- it's a win-win!" Now who would you choose to problem-solve?

And so it was. It didn't stop the bombs or the war. But it did stop the lies, the despair, and the hatred. Even for one glorious day, Iraq was a country again, populated by people who are worthwhile, people with dignity & dreams, people with a future... With a great soccer team. And the Asia Cup. No Shi'a, no Sunnis, no Kurds, no sectarian animosity. Just countrymen. Who'd have imagined it?

Not the Bush administration, certainly. So Republicans, now that you got your war you wanted, you can plan your exit strategy, since the war isn't doing any good. But before you leave, send in the Brazilians...

I think they've got something there.

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