Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain's Flip-Flops & Waffles Go Quantum!

Upon discovering this long-suspected list, it's become eminently clear that John McCain never saw an issue he couldn't take both sides of - simultaneously.
He is/is not one of the worst/best Republicans/Democrats/Independents to ever vote for/against this/that/every/no cause/non-issue confronting the American/non-American people. So at least we always/never know/don'tknow where/where-not he stands/doesn't stand. And as quantum/non-quantum physics becomes more important/irrelevant, I'm sure/unsure McCain would/wouldn't be/not-to-be a great/abominable leader. And if so/not, at least/most, Palin would/wouldn't.

So with/without any further ado/adon't, here's the list, thanks to a link from this great blog lately/not-lately introduced/not-introduced to me/not-me:

* McCain supported the drilling moratorium; now he’s against it.
* McCain strongly opposes a windfall-tax on oil company profits. Three
weeks earlier, he was perfectly comfortable with the idea.
* McCain thought Bush’s warrantless-wiretap program circumvented the law;
now he believes the opposite.
* McCain defended “privatizing” Social Security. Now he says he’s against
privatization (though he actually still supports it.)
* McCain wanted to change the Republican Party platform to protect abortion
rights in cases of rape and incest. Now he doesn’t.
* McCain thought the estate tax was perfectly fair. Now he believes the
* He opposed indefinite detention of terrorist suspects. When the Supreme
Court reached the same conclusion,he called it “one of the worst decisions in
the history of this country.
* McCain said he would “not impose a litmus test on any nominee.”
He used to promise the opposite.
* McCain believes the telecoms should be forced to explain their role in
the administration’s warrantless surveillance program as a condition for
retroactive immunity. He used to believe the opposite.
* McCain supported storing spent nuclear fuel at Yucca Mountain in Nevada.
Now he believes the opposite.
* McCain supported moving “towards normalization of relations” with Cuba.
Now he believes the opposite.
* McCain believed the U.S. should engage in diplomacy with Hamas. Now he
believes the opposite.
* McCain believed the U.S. should engage in diplomacy with Syria. Now
he believes the opposite.
* He argued the NRA should not have a role in the Republican Party’s policy
making. Now he believes the opposite.
* McCain supported his own lobbying-reform legislation from 1997. Now he
* He wanted political support from radical televangelists like John
Hagee and Rod Parsley. Now he doesn’t.
* McCain supported the Lieberman/Warner legislation to combat global
warming. Now he doesn’t.

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