Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Murder Obama" Graffitti in P'Cola "No Credible Threat", Sign of Times

When great change is about to roll over, the roaches crawl out. In flaming red (neck) Pensacola, as in other places (where even more abominable acts have been committed) - such as yesterday's busted Neo-Nazi assassination plot, more racist, violence-edged action reared its ugly head. This time, a CSX (train) bridge in Pensacola, Florida was spray-paintedwith "MURDER OBAMA" grafitti - and quickly painted over on Monday evening.

It was linked in spirit, if not in actual connections, to the skinhead plot to kill Barack Obama - a cameraderie of the cockroach? no, that's unfair to cockroaches - in a kind of union of hate-mongers and racists. Is that all the John McCain has left? Not exactly, but...

All the lies and rumors do affect and influence the minds of the ignorant. Just check out the comments to the above-linked extremely brief article. But rebuttals to the ignorant are there in the same comments, showing that for every redneck, there's an equal and opposite blueneck. Or, if the polls mean anything, about ten equal and opposite bluenecks.

Fortunately, the all-wise Pensacola Police Department's Chip Simmons says

"We don't deem it as a credible threat to a presidential candidate," Simmons said. "We will forward the information to the Secret Service."

And now some of my registered-independent family members are being bombarded by non-McCain endorsed lies, published in dark blacks and browns, with sinister threats associated with Obama:
"He'll take your money away and spread it around" - "He's gonna take your guns away" - "He's gonna cut-n-run in Iraq" - "He's got bad friends..." - with pictures of Ayers, Wright, and, in a featured pamphlet all by himself, Tony Rezko, who is pictured as doing a quid-pro-quo for Obama, presumably to counter the Ted Stevens thing. But at least in this neck of the woods, it's not swaying anyone but those whose conspiracy theories run in the evangelical vein, those who feel that Sarah Palin was "chosen by God to save America", and who believe Obama is Muslim and about to take over America and give it to "Islam" - whatever, wherever and whoever that may be. All they need to know is Palin says "we're" in "America" and "they" are in that "liberal Islamic evil empire" that is definitely out of the loop when it comes to The Rapture.

And if these are his "constituents", with many thinking Republicans jumping ship, what does that say about an America he would supposedly "lead"? It would be a fringe, ignorant, fearful, emotionally-volatile, violence-prone, frozen-in-time nation that makes the 1984 "nation" look at least civil. If the scare tactics aren't working with McCain's bid for highest office, they are working to incite those at the lowest level. Gives even right-wing thinkers pause as to where he would "lead" the country.

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