Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sometimes, you're lucky enough to run into someone who says everything you wanted to say, only somehow better. This is one such article, by the Existential Cowboy. You can read how beautifully John Stuart Mill expressed the basis for our Constitution and its careful design in protecting our freedoms. Freedoms now being undermined by the Bush administration and his Republican cohorts. I've long said that if the terrorists were really after democracy or after our liberty, then we have taken up their fight for them, and that may explain why terrorist activity is mysteriously on a downward slide - except in Muslim v. Muslim bloodbaths, the brainchild of Divide & Conquer Adventurists. Why fight to destroy our liberty when we are doing such a bangup job ourselves?

You might also want to check out why Bush is the torture president, same author.

It is all a part of the new movement of Armageddonists. It's their cause celebre. Fight the last fight, you might say. After all, if they kill everyone off, no one can attack them again. Sort of like the ultimate cancer cure. Chemotherapy for the planet. Just eliminate life! Brilliant Republican victory strategy! Get rid of immigrants, aliens, non-English-speakers, non-Israeli-sympathizers, non-Christians who are not Jewish, and ultimately, anyone who refuses to swear on a stack of Machiavellis. Get rid of anyone who uses expressions like "democracy now" and other socialist catchphrases. Because we need to bend the constitution and screw the founding fathers, except insofar as they appear on Legal Tender. We are the Armageddonists. Let's bring it on down - NOW!

Hopefully, someone will actually use their mind and turn off the circuit breaker at the Other Evil Church. Between all these evil churches, there's this boiling cauldron, and I'm not yet sure what's for supper - just so it's not the last one...

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