Sunday, April 1, 2007

Victory for Bush in Iraq! Here it is! But in "fine print"...

Bridgethought of the Day: The greatest triumphs of tyrants will ultimately be seen only as tyranny. (Even if that 'ultimately' is no more, or less, than Judgment Day.) How about this great lie? "We want the Iraqis to share their oil wealth - that is the most important thing." We say "share with each other". We mean "lion's share for us." And "us" means simply the U.S. & Big Oil. For Bush, it's a win-win. For the Iraqis, it's a lose-lose. Check this article out.

There's a little "appropriations package" attached to a bill touted as "fairness" for Iraqis, and giving them their own oil to share equitably with each other. It's all part of the spin that we are the Heroic Crusader fighting for the rights of the people to give them democracy and save them from the oppressive tyrant dictator, and save the world from Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Eliminate Terrorism, which is the Scourge of the Earth. But we, the Hero, are not gutting their resources, fomenting violent civil war, creating pockets of real terrorism and brutality where none of that ilk existed, and fueling anti-American sentiment worldwide, and making life itself in Iraq virtually impossible. We are not increasing instability and extremism in the Middle East by misguided and ill-conceived plans. This is all merely a side effect of our real goal: victory.

Congratulations! We've won the war! We're getting the oil! Isn't that all that really matters? After all, without oil, we will lose our way of life, and Exxon will lose its bottom line. Can you imagine anything worse? Bush can't. And if Bush can't, and he is the "leader of the planet", who can???

Oh, yeah, those wicked liberals can. That's why they're wicked and evil. Because they dare to stop the spin and look at what's been swept under the rug - like those rusty consciences that Barry Goldwater used to talk about. That went out when Rove began to swear on stacks of Machiavellis. Bibles? That's just a front. The real Book is called "The Prince." Read it and weep.

But even the liberals know how to play ball. This little tidbit is written into a bill they, too, espouse. Tacked on to the "bring the troops home earlier" bill, is just what Dr. Rove ordered - victory for Big Oil, and the Bush family staple.

They called it "Revenue Sharing." A must-have clause -'cause it's The Clause.

"Yes, revenue sharing is there-essentially in fine print, essentially
trivial. The bill is long and complex, it has been years in the making, and its primary purpose is transformational in scope: a radical and wholesale reconstruction-virtual privatization-of the currently nationalized Iraqi oil industry.

If passed, the law will make available to Exxon/Mobil,
Chevron/Texaco, BP/Amoco, and Royal Dutch/Shell about 4/5’s of the stupendous petroleum reserves in Iraq. That is the wretched goal of the Bush Administration, and in his speech setting the revenue-sharing “benchmark” Mr. Bush consciously avoided any hint of it.

The legislation pending now in Washington requires the President to certify to Congress by next October that the benchmarks have been met-specifically that the Iraqi hydrocarbon law has been passed. That’s the land mine: he will certify the American and British oil
companies have access to Iraqi oil. This is not likely what Congress intended, but it is precisely what Mr. Bush has sought for the better part of six years.

It is why we went to war."

Does it really help that someone else agrees with me? Not unless that person is President, has a mandate, an Administration, and the guts to implement an ethical agenda instead of these insidious empire-building strategies. Is there a chance? Are you with me, Mr. Obama? Ms. Clinton? Mr. Edwards? Who is ready to stop cowboying abroad and start getting our act together at home? Where did all those billions get us? Seems we're going to keep We The People on voice mail for a long time ... while we're "out of town."

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