Wednesday, February 7, 2007

From Green to Gitmo

It seems one of the top watchwords of the world today is "global warming". Like Al Gore or not, he seems to have made an impression. There are still lots of conservatives who think that the environmental movement is still a form of overkill. But there are even more businesspeople who see it as a wave of opportunity. They see money to be made in dealing practically with the global warming issue. So why not join forces? The environment is no longer a separate issue. It's a uniting platform for left and right in the interest of human survival. It's a global issue. It should be above and beyond "politics" yet at the same time use politics for the advancement of human survival.

Then, on the other hand, we have Guantanamo Bay and the atrocities of the Bush Anti-Terror Debaucle. Although some advances may have been had against terrorism, on the whole the war on terror is a debaucle. It has in many ways served to galvanize the concept of terrorism on both sides, as heroic freedom-fighters against an evil juggernaut called "The West" on one side, and as evil destroyers of peace, freedom and the American Way on the other. The latter having been cartoonized as medieval sci-fi sword-weilding survivalist goons, something out of an epic video game on Planet X - Codename Afghanistan. The real issues are never addressed. Poverty. Oppression. Dictatorships. Economic development - or lack thereof. These issues should really be treated as survival issues. We no longer contain the problems of poor people between two solid distant mountains. By exploding bombs in their hideouts we are driving them into our homes. Suddenly we became a part of their lives. And suddenly their world has become Guantanamo - the ultimate Torture Chamber of the so-called modern world. And it will be its downfall.Just wait and see.

Remember Global warming. That is not a threat to the neocons. It's only a threat to human beings.
Gitmo is not a threat either to them. It's a road to success. But it's also man's inhumanity to man. That threatens the survival of human beings - as "humanity".
So is oppression of the poor for the sake of the rich. But not for the sake of human beings.
The War in Iraq is for Big Oil to make money on the backs of the Iraqis.
No more, no less. It was not a war for human beings, as they like to spin it. It was and is a war for capitalist conquest.
Capitalist conquest is not the opposite of socialist/communist rule. There is democracy and free enterprise without capitalist conquest. But they set up this dichotomy to make people think there would be totalitarianism if we were not taking advantage of the weak/poor by the strong/rich/powerful. This is absurd.
The war on terror is ostensibly to save humanity. But in reality it is to empower the powerful yet further. There are greater threats to humanity than terrorism. Why aren't dictators and despots called terrorists? Because they don't threaten the agenda of the powerful. They support it. That's why the American foreign policy betrays America's founding fathers. They are becoming the "dictatress of the world."

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