Thursday, February 15, 2007

Voodoo "Diplomacy"

Yes, it's official. There really is religion in politics. At least, in the Bush Administration, religion is King - with a crown. And I believe it's Caribbean. Yes, we're finally going to get back to tradition.

The tradition of voodoo. But not voodoo economics, no. That was Reaganomics. Bush &Co. are into effigies and pins. Will it work? We'll see - or so I fear. First, there was the Ahmadinejad doll, which was easy, because he kept helping himself to more pins. Then, there was the entire nation of Iran. Call it Mass Effigy Work. Iran as a nation, and the people in it, are all just one big doll, and the Bush administration the self-proclaimed Priestess. The pins? Big Media, of course. It's like one big urinal - the "contacts" take a "leak" and the urinal "flushes" it to the public. Are we not, to them, one great sewer? Don't you miss the days of the "melting pot"?

Here's some of the leaked "material" that accidentally got out of the "stream" - How? A thinking and mentally active reporter actually thought about and analyzed the "evidence" against Iran that has been gathered in the voodoo frenzied march to war on everyone on Some Special Someone's Dream List. As mentioned in this article:
"The Washington Post quoted one of the U.S. officials at the briefing as saying that there was no "widespread involvement" of the Iraqi government in supplying weaponry, thus implicitly conceding that some elements of the Iraqi government officials are indeed involved in the weapons traffic. By insisting that the Iranian government was involved, the Bush administration has conjured up the image of a smuggling operation so vast that it could not occur without official sanction. In fact, as Knights points out, the number of EFPs exploded monthly has remained at about 100, which clearly would not require high level connivance to maintain a flow of imports. The power point slides presented to the press in Baghdad ended with a slide that essentially confirms that the evidence points not to official sponsorship of cross-border weapons smuggling but to private arms trafficking networks. "

Regardless to whether or not we are convinced, it may be likely to happen. But that doesn't mean we can't pressure the government to avoid the potential disaster of such a stupendously, insanely destructive move.

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