Monday, June 4, 2007

CHARGES DISMISSED! Now the Downplaying Begins

Finally, some semblance of justice in the long, slow tragedy known as the Torture of Omar Khadr, by the Bush/Cheney-led Anti-Terror Army of God. The long-suffering, young Omar Khadr who was driven to near-if-not-dead-on insanity by the "inept" psycho-torture of American "keepers". On a mere technicality. He's classified an "enemy combatant." But not an "illegal alien enemy combatant." And how, pray tell - or prey tell, as the case may be - do you classify the war in which he "combated" at the age of 15? The War Against Islamism Whatever That Is? So children are fair game for torture, right?

Next step - when? - Goodbye, Gitmo. Goodbye, American Torturers. Goodbye, Child-tormenters. But no goodbyes to Guilt by Association. That's too precious to the still-monolithic neocon "movement". A movement from the bowels of human nature, no doubt. How long will it be before he, an innocent accused of atrocity, victimized by the atrocities of his accusers, be REALLY free? Not now, at least.

He is the icon, the symbol of everything wrong with the so-called War on Terror. That war is not against terror at all. It just wants to be the Chief Terrorizer. If Khadr survives intact psychologically, it will be a true miracle. If not, which is likely the case, who do you think he will combat next? Does he pose a threat worth losing our Constitution for?

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