Saturday, June 23, 2007

OK, Hillary impressed me in the debates. She looks like she has a positive agenda on health care and "shared prosperity", economic measures aimed to bridge the gap, or gaping hole, between filthy ostentatiously don't-give-a-damnedly rich and we're-in-real-trouble-here poor. But it's foreign policy that tells the tale - just like with my great-eared hope, Barak Obama, who stood tall and firm with the War Without End Amen. Hillary got some boos in Washington's "Take Back America" fete for the following telling tale:

Sen. Hillary Clinton:
"The American military has done its job. Look what they accomplished. They got rid of Saddam Hussein. They gave the Iraqis a chance for free and fair elections. They gave the Iraqi government the chance to begin to demonstrate that it understood its responsibilities to make the hard political decisions necessary to give the people of Iraq a better future. So the American military has succeeded. It is the Iraqi government which has failed to make the tough decisions which are important for their own people.”

First, the American military - not policies, not negotiations, not gifts of infrastructure, food, housing assistance, humanitarian aid, not diplomacy, not advice, not any form of help whatsoever except military arms - is supposedly "giving" - tell me do, Hillary, how guns "give" anything but death to one side or another - "a chance"? So Iraq, according to Hillary, failed to take that "chance". But the "chance" was for elections. The "elected" government is accused thereafter of the "failure". Not failure to have elections for which they were given the chance. But failure to make "tough decisions".

How do military arms and personnel help a government to decide anything? This is pure doubletalk designed to get elected by a populace presumed "conservative" and duped into thinking it's true. "Conservatives" are extremely liberal with war, your tax dollars in warmongering, and liberal with restricting freedoms in favor of fear. "Conservatives" spend more money than "Liberals" who would rather spend your tax dollars at home on building a stable "Homeland" with freedom & justice for all than on foreign adventurist wars to promote neither freedom nor justice but only two things: corporate profit in the short run, and a thang called Israel in all runs.

Hillary is all about power, and I'm not convinced she'd be any better than anyone else at focusing on human issues, which is the big circle, not right and left, we all really face.

Meanwhile, some excerpts from Dear Amy Goodman, I love you, ... news:

Israeli Court Limits Entry of Wounded Gaza Residents
Meanwhile Israel’s High Court has rejected a motion for immediate entry of all Gaza residents in need of life-saving medical attention. Israel has allowed at least thirty-five Palestinians but some twenty-five remain stranded at Gaza’s crossing with Israel. Sari Bashi of the Israeli human rights group Gisha urged the Israeli government to allow them entry.

Sari Bashi: "Since Thursday Israel has closed the borders of Gaza, no one can leave. These are patients who if the they don't enter Israeli hospitals immediately their life is threatened. Because Israel continues to exercise control over Gaza's borders it has an obligation to let patients receive life-saving treatment outside of Gaza."

Our "democratic friends" in their moral hour of triumph.

True, what one Israeli said about the right-wingers of that land, sometimes it seems they care more about animal rights than the rights of human beings.

Make that "most of the time." Sorry, Ari.

Carter: US-led Boycott of Palestinians “Criminal”
Meanwhile former President Jimmy Carter has weighed in on the Bush administration’s role in the current crisis. Speaking in Ireland, Carter said the US, Israel and the European Union are trying to divide the Palestinian people. Carter also called the administration’s refusal to accept Hamas’ election win last year “criminal.” He said: “The United States and Israel decided to punish all the people in Palestine and did everything they could to deter a compromise between Hamas and Fatah.”

That's why Carter is always made out to look like a total failure and a disgrace to the office. Hillary knows what she's doing. You can't tell the truth without facing the consequences. We're in a government by liars with an agenda you can't easily know, because they are lying so much.

ACLU Sues for End to Drugging Immigrants Facing Deportation
And finally, the American Civil Liberties Union has filed a class-action suit on behalf of two immigrant males who say they were drugged against their will as U.S. officials tried to deport them. One of the men is an Indonesian national seeking asyslym; the other a Senegalese married to a US citizen. Both say they were forcibly injected with psychotropic drugs. The ACLU wants a judge to block all drugging of immigrants facing deportation proceedings.

Did you know this was happening? We are getting more and more like Israelis: they're not people unless they're "one of us." And the category "subhuman" makes it OK to torture, to drug by force, etc. There are two moral codes: one for US, and one for THEM - whoever "they" may be - watch out! One day YOU may be one of THEM. And you won't know until you're blindfolded.

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